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Blockchain Newsletter: Meet The Man Traveling The World On $25 Million Of Bitcoin Profits [2017W28]

Altcademy Team wrote on 7 February 2018

This Week's Update on Bitcoin and Blockchain [2017W28]
Issue: Week 28 of 2017


  • Price per Bitcoin BTC is at ~$2523 USD (+1.32% from last Monday)
  • Price per Ether ETH is at ~$244 USD (-16% from last Monday)


This week’s new initial coin offerings (ICOs)

  • Pillar’s goal is to build a personal data locker where users’ assets and data are stored locally on their phones instead of centralised servers belonging to banks, governments and service providers alike.
  • To achieve this, Pillar aims to solve two main objectives.
  • Replace accounts with ownership, instead of having accounts with different stock brokers or banks, users will have wallets that they control themselves and can switch between vendors freely.
  • Replace apps with services, accounts in apps are separate silos that do not communicate with each other, a personal data locker with an operating system built in can act as the central account with access to different services.
  • Pillar is creating a Pillar Token with utility functions for the Pillar ecosystem and will eventually act as the meta token for all services available on the Pillar personal data locker OS.
  • Pillar is raising initial capital in a crowd-sale that will begin on July 15 and lasts 60 hours.
  • A total of 800 million tokens will be issued with a planned exchange rate at $0.1 USD per Pillar Token.
  • 66% of the tokens will be sold in the ICO, 6% are sold in a pre-sale and the rest will go into marketing, future funding rounds and the founding company 20|30.
  • The ICO minimum target is $8 Million USD.
  • Bowhead is creating a medicine dispenser coupled with a digital token eco-system for offering medical data to researchers.
  • Bowhead has designed a diagnostic reader and dispenser to provide calculated medication and nutritional dosages based on patients’ health conditions.
  • User will provide a blood prick to the Bowhead reader which uses computer vision to determine user conditions.
  • Licensed doctors will then offer recommendation on dosages.
  • All data will be stored using Blockchain technology.
  • Users can lease their diagnostic data anonymously to research institutes and big pharmas for a fee.
  • Bowhead is creating a Bowhead token which will be receiving 30% of the income coming from data purchases by pharmas and researchers.
  • There will be a total of 100 Million Bowhead Tokens created on the Wave platform.
  • 40 Million of which will be offered in the ICO starting on July 17.
  • The exchange rate for the Bowhead token is $0.65 USD per Token with bonuses for the first 15 Million tokens purchased.
  • Suretly is launching a crowdvouching platform where borrowers can borrow micro loans from lending partners based on backing by the platform investors.
  • An investor can decide whether to vouch for a borrower based on their credit ratings and risk / reward ratios.
  • An investor will be paid immediately when the loan is issued but will have to pay the lender the vouched amount (usually $2 to $10 USD) if the borrower defaults.
  • Investors function as micro insurance providers.
  • SUR Coin will be created to raise $1.5 to $10 Million USD to help accelerate expansion of the project.
  • SUR Coin can be used as a guarantee by vouchers for a loan.
  • Suretly will begin periodical buy back of the SUR Coin on the open market three quarters after the end of the ICO.
  • The exchange rate for the ICO is set at 0.1 ETH per SUR coin. It will begin on July 11.
  • Rialto AI is a team of computer scientists and traders designing arbitrage and market making algorithms for the cryptocurrency market.
  • Their ICO was meant to begin this month but they have already reached their max cap of $10,000,000 USD in the pre-crowdsale.

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