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Blockchain Newsletter: China orders Bitcoin exchanges in capital city to close [2017W39]

Altcademy Team wrote on 7 February 2018

This Week's Update on Bitcoin and Blockchain [2017W39]
Issue: Week 39 of 2017


  • Price per Bitcoin BTC is at ~$3870 USD (-8% from last Monday)
  • Price per Ether ETH is at ~$289 USD (-2% from last Monday)
  • Price per Bitcoin Cash BCH is at ~$464 USD (-18% from last Monday)


This week’s new initial coin offerings (ICOs)

  • Aero is building a right-of-way airspace control system using smart contracts for commercial drones flights.
  • This system is designed to address the regulation on low-altitude flights over private property in America.
  • Aero will build a contract system for property owners to authorize drone operations over their property with a reward mechanism.
  • This system will increase efficiency in drone delivery services as drones are now able to fly at a lower altitude within airspace of private properties.
  • The AERO token is the utility and payment token on the Aero network.
  • Drone service providers will pay for network access with AERO tokens; where temporary access of private airspace can be purchased.
  • Property owners will earn income via AERO tokens for granting temporary right-of-way access on the network.
  • AERO token is limited at a fixed supply of 1 Billion tokens.
  • AERO is currently in its presale stage where 33% of the tokens is offered.
  • Presale period starts 25 Sep 2017 and ends on 2 Oct 2017.

  • PlusCoin (PLC) is a funding initiative of Metaps Plus Inc. to build a cryptocurrency exchange name Coinroom
  • Metaps Plus is a subsidiary of Metaps Inc., a Japanese tech company listed on the Japanese exchange under code TSE: 6712.
  • Metaps Plus owns a Korean mobile commerce company Smartcon.
  • Owners of PLC will earn no more than 10% of potential future profits generated as exchange commissions on Coinroom.
  • Coinroom is scheduled to go live in March 2018.
  • Metaps Plus also plans to launch a mobile coupon ecosystem that will use PLC as the transaction currency. Increasing use cases of PLC token.
  • The ICO is capped at 27 Million USD.
  • The exchange rate of PLC during the ICO is 200 PLC/ETH.
  • 70% of all PLC will be offered during the ICO. 20% PLC goes to the PlusCoin team and 10% are reserved for the CoinRoom.
  • The ICO begins on 26 Sep 2017 and lasts till 10 Oct 2017.

  • is building a decentralized market for proposing and obtaining machine learning problems and solutions.
  • Users who own datasets and need help analysing them can propose a project on the network while offering a bounty for a solution.
  • Other users who seek to solve the same problem can join in by contributing their own dataset plus a bounty.
  • Projects are broadcast to Data Scientists along with the spec and bounty size.
  • Data Scientist will then submit potential model solutions to the project.
  • Solutions of several Data Scientists are ranked and the one with the highest score is selected, rewarding him the bounty.
  • The token NEURON (NRN) will be the payment token on this network.
  • A total of 860 Million NRN tokens will be created.
  • The ICO begins on 28 September, the exchange rate will be $0.10 USD per NRN.

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