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Blockchain Newsletter: Bitcoin Cash soars to record high above $900 as mining profits jump [2017W34]

Altcademy Team wrote on 7 February 2018

This Week's Update on Bitcoin and Blockchain [2017W34]
Issue: Week 34 of 2017


  • Price per Bitcoin BTC is at ~$3991 USD (-4.6% from last Monday)
  • Price per Ether ETH is at ~$318 USD (+6% from last Monday)
  • Price per Bitcoin Cash BCH is at ~$679 USD (+129% from last Monday)


This week’s new initial coin offerings (ICOs)

  • Kickico is a kickstarter like platform that lets creators get their projects funded through ICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting.
  • The Kickico platform is already functioning and Kickico’s ICO can be viewed and tracked on the platform.
  • Backers on Kickico will get KickCoins for backing projects that do not have their own coins.
  • These KickCoins will be generated when campaigns are backed by real cryptocurrencies.
  • This ensures that backers of certain campaigns will receive cryptocurrencies rather than just a promise for future delivery of goods or services.
  • Kickico had previously gone through a round of Pre ICO funding which raised 5000 Ethers for 30 Million KickCoins (KC).
  • Now they are planning to raise 200k Ethers in exchange for 600 Million KickCoins.
  • Kickico has drafted an interest payout plan that will last 2 years. Interests will be paid out to KickCoin holders on a monthly basis with rates ranging between 1 to 10%.
  • This effort is to entice backers to hold on to their KickCoins long enough for the platform to reach critical mass.
  • The ICO is planned to begin on Aug 29, 2017.
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